We’re got it all!

Locally owned, Silver Dollar Coin & Jewelry works with people across the country to bring in the best merchandise including rare coins, beautiful jewelry & stones, unique pocket knives & watches, clocks, and more!  In the occasional event that we don’t have what you’re looking for the same day, we work our national connections to bring it in – at no additional cost to you.

Our prices are always very fair, and everything is inspected by Joe Fox, owner and former auctioneer, as well as a local antique specialist.


US & Foreign Gold & Silver Currency 

Rare coins and collectible currency


Buying rare coins for collecting & investment purposes is a pastime that has lasted for hundreds of years.  Not only do collectors place a high value in the precious metals found in our coins, they also enjoy the rarity, beauty and historic value that can be attributed to each one of these collectible rare coins.

Silver Dollar Coin & Jewelry, the premier coin & jewelry dealer in Racine County provides access to a diverse range of rare gold coins from around the world.


Jewelry & Precious Stones 

Diamonds, and collectible or costume jewelry in Racine County


Before heading to an expensive jewelry store, come to Silver Dollar Coin & Jewelry to see our unique selection of rare stones, diamonds, and  coins and even costume jewelry.  Our prices are the best in town, and our selection includes some of the most beautiful merchandise available!  Diamond earrings, emerald rings, gold chain necklaces, pocket watches and more. 

Work with owner, Joe Fox to create your custom jewelry too.  Choose from a variety of precious stones, large and small diamonds, rare coins, unique settings and gold or silver chains.



Plus, we’re adjacent to the Antique Castle Mall, where you can look for treasures from the past including dolls, toys, furniture, more jewelry & more.  Visit our secure location off 1-94 & Hwy. 20.




Swords & Knives

Unique knives & collectible swords for sale


Just on of our specialities, if you're a collector looking for something sharp - you've come to the right place.  We're always selling a large variety of pocket knives, folding knives, military swords & memorabilia, 

Some have been acquired from collectors, & others have been discontinued long ago. Joe Fox, knive enthusiasts is always at the shop to talk you through the history of the pieces and help you find exactly what you're looking for!